Michal Orlowski Paintings


 I invite you to be my guest to view my watercolor paintings. For them I fought against sun, wind, rain, crowds and street dirt just to transmit succeeding impressions or at least their remains to paper.

michal orlowski 

Watercolors - Paintings and Drawings - Michal Orlowski

The use of watercolors is in fact multifarious. There are plain-air watercolor paintings and those produced in studio. We can use watercolors as a sketch medium or to create an epic watercolor paiting. We can also choose between painting technique and drawing technique with use of watercolors. All these terms clearly show the width and depth avalible to the artist in producing watercolor paintings. No other painting technique is as flexible as is the use of watercolors. No other painting technique allows one to choose between exterior painting and studio painting. Also, no other painting techniqe generates so spontanious effects as these avalible with watercolors.


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