"Pamela David, Queen of the Seas" - Paparazzi - February 2009

The actress and vedette santiagueña passes its peak in the happy scenario where up to dance with Cobos with Nito Artaza. Paparazzi devoted the cover and the central note of the latest edition. View uncensored photos.

With the title "Pamela David, Queen of the Seas" Paparazzi magazine shows opens its latest edition with the photos santiagueña performing a stunning topless on beaches where the happy triumphs in the work of Artaza. 
faced criticism and was questioned by competition, but the brunette them all over her mouth and gets on the train to success of Nito and Dance with Cobos. "It is human envy," justifies, with irony to the surface. And highlights: "I still love me men and women, something that most girls do not pass". 
"That Mirtha Legrand has flattered my work is finished they silenced many. Even more of a guest who tried to speak ill of me in the program. That makes me very proud, "he says proudly Pame, frankly. "My last review was in 2004, 'different'. And before I did anything with Corona ... He was cute, but my pressure was another, and also my role. What I do love me today, and my training is another. Of course I get darts everywhere, because it's normal. I understand that envy is human 


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